From day one, when we start thinking about a game, we make use of an expert group of children in ages 1 to 5. Every tiny aspect of the game is play-tested by kids and observed by professionals.

Is it fun? Is the interaction no less than perfect? Is it an enduring experience? Is it educational? Is it helpful? And are the values that we cherish still intact?

  • Entertaining

    Our interactive books / games are fun to play!
    The games are based on a storyline and the experience is enduring
    The games are beautifully designed
    The characters are cute, lovely, but also adventurous and a bit naughty
    The characters are identifiable by boys and girls
    The music is soothing and not annoying for parents or children
    We don’t use language or text; even a 1 year old can enjoy playing
  • Supporting

    The interactive books / games address the worries parents have about their children
    There is no right or wrong in our games; it is not possible to fail or lose
    The interaction is thoroughly tested and child’s behavior is always rewarded
    They are based on an evidence based method
  • Safe

    In app purchases can’t be done by small kids
    Parents can safely cook or do the dishes; toddlers won’t get “lost” in the game
    No violence, no age-rating, no explicit language