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Prizes won! And some great reviews for Nott Won’t Sleep

Last month it was raining prizes and great reviews. Just a small update.

And we got some pretty amazing reviews recently:

  • The Appyladies: “Everything about this app is beautiful, gentle, and perfect for settling over-tired crabby children.  Peaceful music plays throughout, the illustrations are beautiful but not over-stimulating, and Nott’s increasing sleepiness helps set the restful tone”.
  • Juf Jannie (review in Dutch): The app is fun as part of the bedtime ritual. Read your child a book for a while. Your child will help Nott ready for bed and goes himself to go to bed. The app whit beautiful and the music is lovely and soothing. Great in order to fall asleep.”
  • And one that we are very proud of, we received a Kirkus Star from renowed bookreview organization Kirkus: “A winning combination of cute characters, soothing music and gentle bedtime activities for toddlers and preschoolers. There’s no text, and Nott doesn’t speak except to say “Yay!” and giggle when touched. But the story carries itself and will, in all likelihood, carry many a little reader off to dreamland.”

And from our last post on reviews:

  • Ipadkids: “We added Nott to our bedtime routine last night and both kids – 5 and 3 – loved it.  They were much quieter playing this game and I attribute that to the soothing tone the game sets.  There were fun questions about how different animals sleep, and of course my oldest had to know why we sleep in the first place.  I can’t say for sure if it helped them sleep better but it was still a cool way to wind down at the end of a busy day.”
  • Bookchook: “Kids are implicitly invited to help Nott get ready for sleep. She finds her favourite bedtime toy, Nox, she interacts with little animals, all of whom fall asleep, she explores the moon. All these adventures are accompanied by soothing ambient-style music and the interactivity is not boisterous – gentle taps on the screen cause equally gentle happenings.”
  • Ipadfamily: “Bed time story with relaxing music and cute imaginative activities. Let your toddler help Nott get to sleep and maybe you too! Cute story book app that is gentle and easy to use for even little ones!  Great use of iPad technology! Rating 10 out of 10!”
  • “You will immediately notice that this game totally focuses on the atmosphere around bedtime, it feels sweet, calm, happy and peaceful. What’s even more striking is that there is nowhere a pop-up is not to turn to more purchases, not to give a rating … which means that everything can be, as a parent with the children, but also played at rest children alone” (review in Dutch)
  • Kidslearning:This app is the best kid’s app, it’s the app for parents as well as the app for kids, the best educational app in the market, and teacher should use it on preschool as part of kindergarten syllabus. It might be also ranked in top 100 apps for kids. This App is reviewed by our best educational reviewer.”
  • And a review for Special Needs Kids: “The game offers beautiful, calm graphics and animation, soothing music and thematic gameplay, all of which have been carefully crafted to contribute to the overall theme of going to bed.”