Renate Dorrestein

Renate Dorrestein

Literary novelist. Photo credit: © Frank Ruiter

Renate Dorrestein is one of Holland’s most productive novelists. Her work is both critically acclaimed and loved by a huge readership. Her first novel Outsiders (1983) has since its appearance never been out of print, a rarity in Dutch publishing. For decades it has been earmarked as required reading for high school students, and still is.

Dorrestein’s special field of interest is the relationship between parents and their children, or rather vice versa. In the past thirty years, she published 29 books, novels mostly, and her work has been translated into 15 languages.

‘Renate Dorrestein’s understanding of children is pitch-perfect.’ - Irish Examiner

‘Full of fun and suspense. She certainly delivers the goods.’ - U Magazine

‘Dorrestein shares with Hitchcock an intuitive sense of suspense.’ - The Wall Street Journal

‘Her novels read like film scripts… painfully cutting, and surprisingly funny… a truly courageous writer.’ — The Independent

Trimbos Institute

Research on Mental Health

The Trimbos Institute seeks to enhance quality of life by engaging in the development and application of knowledge about mental health, addiction and associated physical illnesses.

The activities of the Institute are intended to contribute to and facilitate changes in mental health and addiction care in order to elicit individual health gains within the Dutch population, promote more effective treatment methods and provide models for more efficient care.

With a focus on knowledge sharing, the Trimbos Institute aims to undertake evidence-based activities which are innovative and can be implemented in professional settings.



Game studio

Monobanda is an independent game company founded in 2008 by five artists. Their aim is to expand the boundaries of games and interaction. Art, emotion and beautiful visuals are their main pillars. The games Monobanda makes enjoy great renown and have been exhibited at various (art) festivals and museums around the world.

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