Lovable Nott doesn’t want to go to bed; there is so much more to explore! This interactive story for toddlers and pre schoolers starts when Nott is not in the least inclined to go to sleep and it ends when she is totally at peace to close her eyes.

But first she says goodbye to the moon, wishes her animal friends goodnight, takes her favorite cuddly toy Nox to bed and turns the lights off.

Nott won’t sleep is a great app and will help your little one learn bedtime rituals.

Trailer of Nott Won’t Sleep

You can see the trailer of the game here.

Videoreview and preview by Smart Apps for Kids

Extensive and excellent review and preview of Nott Won’t Sleep here.

Not the average app for toddlers

Nott won’t sleep is not the average app; a lot of love is put into details. The intuitive app is extensively tested by parents and toddlers.

The storyline is written by internationally acclaimed literary novelist Renate Dorrestein. The app is well-made, extremely beautiful and is made by the talented game studio Monobanda. Soothing bedtime music complements the experience. Furthermore, Nott Won’t Sleep is an app using evidence-based methods to help children live a happy and healthy life.

We suggest Nott won’t sleep to become part of your children’s bedtime ritual to ensure a good night sleep. We hope you enjoy the interactive story and fall in love with Nott and Nox.  Just like we did creating this game.

We hope that we explained well that this excellent app will win the hearts of parents and children. Of course there is a lot more information on the app, the scientific method and the way we developed the app, on this website.


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