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Developlay’s Mission

Many games and apps, developed for children, are purely aimed at fun or at cognitive learning. Developlay use the power of play to help children deal with social and emotional challenges in their young lives.


“Developing and Publishing superior quality games that will help young children live a happy and healthy life, and have fun at the same time”



But why?

There are two things every parent wants for their child: Health and Happiness, everything else is extra. Parents with always look for these two things in the life of their child, especially in the first years of the children’s lives, when they develop what will characterize them later.

Things that make your child healthy may not make them happy (at the time), like them having to go to bed on time, eating their vegetables or learning basic skills. Developlay’s games and interactive story books focus on rituals in a fun and healthy way, by showing the children rituals and letting them play with them.


“It’s all about rituals”


We aim to add a little support to the excellent job parents around the world do, each day.


– Developlay

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